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Regular India Medical Visa & Medical Attendant Visa Fee (Updated 2021)

India e-Medical Visa Closed Due to Lockdown
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India offers two kind of medical visa and medical attendant visa types. First regular visa and second is e visa. All the fees given below are for regular medical visa and e visa are closed.

Indian Medical Visa Fees For The UK

UK Customers:  £130 per visa application agent fees + Govt Fees (Govt fees need to by directly to Indian Govt.)

India Medical Treatment Visa Fees For The Middle East / USA / Rest of The World

Middle East / USA / Rest of World: $150 per passport application + Govt Fees (Govt fees need to by directly to Indian Govt.)



Please note the length of medial visa & medical attendant visa number of entries to be granted, is at the sole discretion of the competent authorities issuing the visa.

It’s important for the applicant to know that the length of India medical visa or any other type of visa and number of entries to be granted or not granted is the sole discretion of Indian competent authorities issuing the Indian medical treatment visa.

All the India medical visa fees once paid are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the visa application.

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